Ganges @ Uxbridge

West London HMS Ganges Division meets at RNA Uxbridge the 2nd Friday of every Month from 20 00hrs.

All ex Ganges boys are very welcome to attend.

The Division is 20 odd strong and the Meetings are held to keep the spirit of Ganges alive, and besides its a great excuse for a Jolly up


HMS Ganges also has a national association with over 4,000 members and a link to their web site is on this sites links page -- well worth a look -- the best web site within the Royal Navy; run by webmaster Phil Bridge.

Ganges Association Cenotaph 2014.

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Ganges Association march past at the Cenotaph 2013... followed by that other lot in the funny hats... St. Vincent.

memories .memories memories. wonderful place ... a huge debt is owed by the country to some of the guys who passed through Ganges.
(uploaded comment on youtube.)

memories HMS Ganges Assn. reunion 2013

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